Scented Nasal Clips Help Quell Nausea

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Dec 25


Whether you’re feeling nauseous from morning sickness, the side effects of chemotherapy, or for some other reason, you owe it to yourself to try scented nose clips. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and effective. They’re also available in a variety of scents, ranging from peppermint and spearmint to citrus scents.

Nasal Clips are a Safe Way to Treat Nausea

Nose clips rely on aromatherapy concepts which have been in use for thousands of years. They are drug free, completely natural, and safe.

There are no side effects to worry about and no need to concern yourself with whether they will react poorly with other medications you may be taking. Because they don’t involve drugs, pregnant women may use them without risk to themselves or their babies.

Like any other nausea relief product, you should let your health care provider know if you are using nasal clips. They are generally regarded as safe by medical communities worldwide, but  it’s still a good idea to make your doctor aware of everything you use to relive nausea, especially if you are expecting.

Nasal Clips are Easy to Use

Nasal clips just may be the easiest nausea remedy out there. As the name implies, you simply clip them directly to your nose. They fit over your nasal septum (the part of your nose between the nostrils).

If you’ve tried aromatherapy before, you already know that it works. What makes nausea clips one of the best ways to use aromatherapy is that the nausea clips stay in place on your nose, freeing up your hands and allowing you to work on other things. They put the scents right where they need to be to do the most good without the need to hold them in place. You get relief without having to stop in your tracks.

Nasal clips are small and fit easily into your purse or pocket, making them ideal for dealing with nausea at work or in public. They are small and barely noticeable.

Additional Benefits of Scented Nasal Clips

When you use nasal clips, you gain the same benefits as you would using other types of aromatherapy. Depending on the scent you choose, this could include:

  • Energy renewal
  • Refreshed feeling
  • Rejuvenation
  • Headache relief
  • Stress relief

Nausea has a way of coming over you at the most inopportune times. Scented nasal clips are convenient to carry with you and easy to use. They offer fast nausea relief when you need it most without making you stop what you’re doing, making them ideal for people who don’t have time to slow down for nausea.