Alternative Medicines for an Upset Stomach

An upset stomach is not a fun thing to live with. Any number of things, from the flu to allergies to food poisoning to pregnancy can cause an upset stomach. While there are certainly a number of both prescription and over-the-counter medicines that can be used for an upset stomach, these medicines are not always effective for every person. In addition, some of these medicines have side effects that some people find unacceptable. Because of this, there are a variety of alternative medicines that people have used for an upset stomach.

One of the best ways to avoid an upset stomach, or even to help remedy an upset stomach, is to keep hydrated. It is important to drink enough fluids throughout the day, not just to help with an upset stomach, but for general health concerns. Whenever possible, you should drink clear and cold liquids such as water or soda pops that are clear of colorings and caffeine.

One of the alternative medicines that may help with an upset stomach is lipase. Lipase is an enzyme produced by the pancreas. Lipase helps to digest fat. Pancreatic enzymes are available as dietary supplements, and may include not only lipase but other pancreatic enzymes.

Mint and ginger are both known to have a soothing effect on an upset stomach. Many people have had success with a variety of types of peppermint teas, for example. If tea isn’t your thing, you can mix some peppermint oil into a drink of juice or lemonade. You can get ginger in a variety of ways, such as ginger tea or ginger root supplements. Ginger is especially effective if your upset stomach is due to morning sickness or to travel sickness.

Vitamin B12 can also help with indigestion. If your stomach is not emptying quickly enough, it can cause you to have an upset stomach. Using vitamin B12 may help with emptying the stomach.

There are also a variety of herbs that can help with an upset stomach. Most of these fall into the bitter herb category. These types of herbs help to increase your digestive function. They can include herbs such as Artichoke, Bitter orange and Bitter melon, Boldo, Dandelion, Devil’s Claw, Gentian, Greater celadine, Goldenseal, Juniper, prickly ash, wormwood, and yellow dock.

If you have chronic upset stomach and either over-the-counter or alternative medicines do not seem to help, it may be a sign of a more serious problem and you should discuss this condition with your health care provider.