Easy Home Remedies for Motion Sickness



No two people are exactly alike when it comes to motion sickness. There are lots of remedies out there. A given remedy might work like a charm for someone else, but not work at all for you. If you deal with motion sickness on a regular basis, you’ve probably tried a few of the better known remedies.

If you’ve found a motion sicknesses remedy which works for you, that’s great. Stick with it. If you’re still looking for something to soothe the queasiness, here are a few of the motion sickness remedies you can try:

  • Deep breathing. Take deep, slow breaths, in and out. Tell yourself that you won’t get sick. Alternately, you could pray or meditate. The main idea is to keep yourself calm. This helps prevent motion sickness, which is often aggravated by nervousness or the fear that you’re going to get sick.
  • Eat bland, mild food when travelling. Most of us like a spicy burrito going down, but no one likes it coming back up. If you suffer from motion sickness, avoid spicy foods like the plague when you’re going to be travelling.
  • Leave an hour between meals and travel when possible. Speaking of eating and travelling, the easiest way to avoid upsetting your stomach is to just not eat within an hour of travelling.
  • Switch seats. Often, you can ease motion sickness by switching your seat. Try to sit where the ride is as stable as possible and facing forward. On a plane, this is near the wings. In an automobile, this is as close to the front seat as you can get. On a train, this is as close to the engine as possible.
  • Try not to get up or down while in motion. Unless you need to make a fast run to the bathroom to deal with your motion sickness, it’s best to stay seated while on public transit. Standing up while in motion often triggers motion sickness.
  • Focus on the horizon. Pick a fixed point and stare at it while travelling. This can help you adjust your equilibrium and avoid motion sickness.
  • Acupressure. One of the easiest and most effective ways to relieve nausea of any kind is to wear an acupressure wrist band. These wrist bands apply constant pressure to an acupressure point on the inner wrist. This pressure point has been used to treat nausea by acupressure practitioners for centuries.

If none of these simple remedies helps control your motion sickness, consult your doctor. There are several over the counter and prescription medications which are also effective for controlling motion sickness.