Relieving Nausea with Pressure Points

Nausea is no fun to live with. For some people, regular nausea is something that they have to deal with on a recurring basis. Many times, the treatments that are available for nausea, such as anti-nausea medications, may have side effects that are unbearable or at the very least unpleasant. For this reason, some people have turned to pressure points to help relieve their nausea.

Any number of things can cause nausea. When the nerve endings in your stomach become irritated due to a bacteria or a virus, or perhaps are agitated by pain or emotions, you may be able to use pressure points to help your body regain balance.

One of the pressure points considered related to nausea is on the back of your hand, just at the web that is between your thumb and your index finger. You can press down on that point to start with. To help spur digestion, you can use your middle finger as a way to apply some pressure to your rib area, just in front of your very bottom rib. YOu can help to stop or prevent vomiting by pushing on the pressure point that is between your collarbone and your diaphragm, right in the middle of your breastbone. You will want to hold this particular point for two to three minutes. This point will also help to calm your nerves and to soothe anxiety. You can push on the spot just above your navel, about two inches, to help with bloating. To help with your stomach itself, put pressure on the bones just below your kneecap. Here again, you will want to apply pressure for a good two to three minutes. Finally, you can use the point just about an inch above the crease in your wrist to help with nausea that is caused by anxiety.

In addition to pressure points, you might consider a variety of other non-medicinal remedies, such as ginger, herbal teas, and even motion sickness bands to help reduce, relieve, or prevent your nausea.