Saving Your Cruise from Seasickness

A Day as a Castaway

It’s probably no coincidence that the words “nausea” and “nautical” have the same root. While some people don’t seem to ever have seasickness, seasickness is something some other folks just have to deal with. If you’re on a cruise, nausea can be persistent and it can ruin a potentially good time – one that you’re paying good money for.

If you’re someone that’s prone to getting motion sick or tends to have a weak stomach, there are some things you should know before departure that might just save your cruise experience from a miserable case of seasickness:

  • Acupressure bands. There are a number of varieties of these on the market, including Sea-Bands and others. This drug-free way to avoid nausea while on the open sea is especially good if you’re already taking medications for another health concern that could conflict with anti-nausea medications.
  • Ginger. Ginger is one of the oldest and most common remedies for nausea. You can drink ginger ale (as long as it actually contains ginger), drink ginger tea, take ginger supplements or chew ginger gum. There are even ginger lollipops. If your cruise ship has a sushi bar, order some extra ginger with your meal.
  • The patch. Your doctor may be willing to write a prescription for the scopolamine patch. This patch gives you a continual dose of that anti-nausea drug, and can be worn for no more than three days at a time.
  • Motion sickness pills. There are a number of over-the-counter solutions for sea sickness, too. Some of these can make you feel drowsy, so you might think about other options before you go with these. If you’re pregnant or have another medical condition, talk to your doctor about whether they’re a good choice for you.
  • Stay off the rough waters. Out in the middle of the Pacific, you’re going to have rough sailing at times. The West Coast can be choppy during spring and fall. The Caribbean is often a good choice, as they tend to be a bit milder.

Don’t let seasickness ruin your cruise. If you’re not sure what works for you, bring several remedies with you on board so that you’re not stuck heaving when you should be dancing, playing and relaxing.