What Makes BioBands Unique?

BioBands and other acupressure bands are based on the principles of the ancient practice of acupressure. BioBands and other acupressure bands work by placing a specific amount of pressure on a “pressure point” – a location on the body that is tied to a specific bodily function, such as nausea. The specific pressure point that BioBands and other acupressure bands work with is located on the wrist, making a wristband the ideal way to deliver this form of acupressure. BioBands have been used to treat nausea resulting from morning sickness, motion sickness, and nausea due to medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

BioBands are different from some of the other acupressure bands in a variety of ways. Most acupressure bands, for example, are not adjustable. BioBands are adjustable. This allows a wearer to customize the amount of pressure that is placed on the pressure point. If an acupressure band is not adjustable, then it will place a different amount of pressure on the pressure point for one person than it will for another person. BioBands come with instructions that should indicate how much pressure is to be used.

The reason that BioBands are adjustable is that they use a watchband-like model. Other acupressure bands tend to use elastic. In addition, the pressure bead in BioBands is not exposed, and is less likely to irritate the skin on the wrist. Some other acupressure bands have pressure beads that are exposed. Another way that BioBands are different from other acupressure bands is that you only wear one BioBand at a time. Some other acupressure bands require you to use two bands at a time. This is due to the adjustability factor that BioBands has.

Having said all of that, it is important to remember that BioBands, like other acupressure bands, have not been approved by the FDA, and have not been tested in the same kinds of scientific trials that medications has. In addition, it is possible that other acupressure bands may work just as well for you as BioBands, or in some cases, even better. You may need to try several sorts of acupressure bands before you find one that both works for you, and is comfortable.